Financial Strategy for Success from Scott Kuppersmith

Using B2B CFO is like leveraging a CFO without the added full-time expense of one. I’ve been helping businesses return to and increase profitability for over 28 years. Here is a list of things that hold many businesses back.

1.  Representation up financial information as it moves up and down the sales, overheard and operations silos.

2. Not having a clear exit strategy in mind as the business moves through business cycles.

3. Dwelling on past missteps. They don’t have to haunt you forever.

We can work closely together to maximize your business.

I have been living and working in the New York and Stamford, CT areas for close to three decades. I’ve reported to CEOs and boards as well as managed businesses for myself.

These three points are critical to every owner and I want them to be true at your business too. Consider them and give me call if you are looking for a CFO who you can educate me on your business.

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