Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for the initial visit to my business?

Our visit is complimentary to you.

How will you determine my needs?

The Discovery Analysis™.

We will determine your needs by performing a The Discovery Analysis™ of your company. We will talk with you and any other people you request in order to provide you with a three to five page report about your company. You will receive value from this process, whether or not you engage one of our partners. The report is confidential to you.

What is the cost of the The Discovery Analysis™?

The time we spend preparing and presenting the report is complimentary to you.

What will it cost to hire a partner?

It’s reasonable.
We charge a very reasonable hourly rate for our services. The total monthly fee depends upon the number of hours a business owner wants. The number of hours can be as low as four to five hours a month.

How do you determine the number of hours you need to spend at my business each month?

That Depends.
The time spent at a business is dependent upon the needs of the client. Cost is also a factor. We work with the business owner to determine the highest priorities that need to be completed. There is a mutual agreement on both the order of the priorities and the monthly cost for services rendered. We work on the “no surprise” theory regarding our fees.

Do you train my staff?

We enjoy teaching our client’s staff to better understand accounting and business. This training and instruction by our partners provides many benefits to the business, such as:

  1. Better job satisfaction to the staff,
  2. Less turnover to the company,
  3. Better job performance and
  4. More confidence by the owner in the company’s staff.

Can my independent CPA do what you do?

No.There are various reasons that your independent CPA cannot perform our services,

  1. Their ethical requirement to remain independent from certain functions in your business (think: Enron and Arthur Andersen),
  2. They do not have our average of 25+ years of CFO experience, which is a specialized skill,
  3. Their business is not set up to work 100% of their time at your office, which is what you need,
  4. Your CPA is usually not available to you for extended periods of time between January 1st and April 15th,
  5. Your CPA’s two or three-year staff person that might be sent to your company will be billed at a higher rate than we charge and
  6. It is not cost-effective for your CPA firm to provide our services.

Do you replace my CPA?

We do not perform attest-function work such as tax return preparation, audits and business valuations. We will be a team member with your CPA to help provide you with the best information and advice possible.

Do you bring in your own staff to perform work?

All work will be performed by your staff, temporary staff or others that you hire.

How will I introduce you to my bank?

The bank wants to know about our qualifications to be your advisor and if they can rely on the financial information that comes from your company as a result of our being associated with you and your business. The bank will be pleased that you have hired a partner from B2B CFO® with such a long history of experience and a solid background of qualifications.

Do you do any work for my company outside of my corporate offices?

Only at your request.
We do not take any documents from your office unless it is with your permission. All of our work is performed at your office, with the use of your computers and assistance from your staff.

Will the B2B CFO® I hire ever do the same type of work for one of my competitors?

Our business is based upon good relationships with business owners. We are loyal to our clients. We would never risk harming our relationship with our clients by associating with one of their competitors.

Is there something I can read to learn more about your services?

You can read our books, The Danger Zone Lost in the Growth Transition, and Avoiding The Danger Zone, Business Illusions, which document our methodology.